Packages: Overview

What are Krew packages?

Packages are a great tool to foster customer loyalty, increase accountability and ensure a steady revenue stream.

You can use the packages tool to bundle any number of sessions and/or content pieces, at a price you set. Be aware that packages allow your customers to redeem any paid session you included in the package or unlock content you assigned to that package.

Packages are a highly versatile tool-you can either create discount-based packages or bespoke programmes with specific sessions/on-demand content access.

We encourage you to be as creative as you wish and to create both discounted packages and bespoke programmes.

In case you need inspiration for your packages see the examples bellow.

Discounted packages

If you charge $10 per participant in each of your sessions, you can create discount packages which encourage your clients to buy more in order to unlock higher savings.

1 class for $10 (pay per class price)

5 classes for $45 (10% discount)

10 classes for $80 (20% discount)

Bespoke packages

Let's say you want to create a package, which will help your clients reach a specific goal (eg. gain muscle). In order to reach the goal, your clients might need access to different types of sessions and on-demand content. Your expertise comes into play here, as packages allow you to programme a fully bespoke approach.

If you want to create a "Muscle gain" package you might want to include a mix of live classes and on-demand content. The package structure can look like this:

1 Free Consultation

5 Lower body classes

5 Upper body classes

3 HIIT Classes

Access to video-on demand

Access to "Muscle Gain" ebook

To learn how to create your first package click here.

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